The steam cleaning services offered by Alamo Steam Team are efficient, reliable, and downright affordable. From upholstery steam cleaning to carpet steam cleaning to mattress maintenance, there are many eco-friendly health benefits to cleaning with steam. Stay up to date with our blog to learn about the many benefits and offerings of the San Antonio steam cleaning services offered by Alamo Steam Team.

  1. The Best Ways To Clean Tile And Grout

    You love your tile and/or grout floors. And why wouldn’t you? These floors are versatile, they are durable, and they really tie the room together. But boy, do they get dirty. While one of the biggest selling points around tile and grout floors is that they are easy to clean and maintain, the fact …Read More

  2. Questions (And Answers) About Steam Cleaning

    At Alamo Steam Team, we think it’s high time that you know steam cleaning services can completely revitalize your San Antonio home, commercial space, and more. Steam cleaning is among the most efficient, safe, and downright effective methods for cleaning home carpets, commercial flooring, tile and…Read More

  3. Steam Cleaning vs. Chemical Cleaning

    As a homeowner, you know that taking care of your carpets, upholstery, and other items are of paramount importance. That’s because you want your home and your belongings to last as long as possible, while also remaining in pristine condition to avoid repairs, replacements, and downright dirtiness.…Read More

  4. How Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Work

    As a homeowner, business owner, or even a landlord, you know it’s not easy to get your carpets clean. With the amount of foot traffic your floors see every day, there’s a good chance they get fairly dirty fairly quickly. If you have kids or pets running around, well that could make things even t…Read More