woman struggling to clean after unexpected water damageSurprise leaks, overflows, or flooding can have a tough impact on your home. Thankfully, you’ve found the IICRC certified Water Restoration and Structural Drying professionals at Alamo Steam Team. Our technicians have extensive experience restoring after both residential and commercial water damage, and we can work with both insurance companies and home owners.

When it comes to water damage, no two situations are the same. Whether you have a small leak under your kitchen sink that caused rotting of the kitchen cabinets or a full blown flood from a natural disaster, we can handle the job. Our water damage technicians can respond to most calls within one hour to help you get the cleanup process started and the restoration of your home or business under way.

Mold and microbial growth can take hold very quickly after an unexpected water leak, so get the professionals on the job as soon as you can. Our team can apply the proper skills and equipment to stop growth as soon as possible, and get your home dry and back to its original spotless shine.

A Water Cleanup Process That Works

Our process of water cleanup is thorough — we work with you and your insurance company to make your water-damaged home like new again. In fact, many times our customers tell us that their repaired kitchens, bathrooms, or carpets look better than they did before the flooding!
We also specialize in salvaging damage flooring, and have teams of flooring experts available to help you decide what should be the plan of action for your damaged floors. Sometimes we can save your existing floors, and other times it is more cost effective to replace sections of your flooring. Our team of water damage contractors will work with you to decide what is the best plan of action for you.

Our water damage restoration includes:

Structural Repair or Replacement

Once we’ve fixed the source of the water damage and removed excess moisture from the area, we can fully assess the damage and put together a full action plan to finish the job. In some cases affected areas can be salvaged with structural repairs. At Alamo Steam Team, we are known for our expert team of reconstruction experts, and have a special crew dedicated just to rebuilding both kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

Excess Water Removal and Drying

Next, we need to remove the excess water from the affected area. In bigger jobs, this might require water pumps to draw the water out of your home or business. Along with drying comes dehumidification, a process designed to draw moisture out of the air, carpet, wood, and flooring in your home.

Identifying the Source of the Leak

First, we need to find the source of the water damage in your home. Sometimes this is simple (as in cases of natural disaster) but some leaks require further investigation in attics, behind walls, and underneath flooring. If the source of the leak is a broken pipe, then the plumbing is repaired at the source.

We do our best to salvage any existing structures in your home, since it will often be more affordable than replacement. If the structures are beyond saving, we will discuss your options with you to get you replacement equipment that is within your budget.

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We Clean All Areas Affected By Water Damage


Kitchens are one of the most common areas of the house where water damage can occur. Since plumbing runs to the sink and sometimes to the refrigerator, you have several areas prone to water leaks or pipe bursts. Kitchen water damage restoration is unique because expensive kitchen cabinets can be affected requiring custom repair work to be done. Our team of expert kitchen contractors can quickly identify the source of your leak, and help to restore or replace the kitchen cabinets as needed.


Bathrooms are another area of the home that water damage will commonly occur. Bathrooms are an area of the house with high water usage which means more pipes and more opportunity for leaks to develop. Something as simple as a poorly installed shower can cause significant damage over time, if not addressed quickly. When water seeps through showers or sinks it can cause significant damage in the flooring beneath the bathroom and mold can develop.


A leak that seeps into your flooring can cause hardwood floors to warp, tiles to pop out of place, or vinyl flooring to become unattached. Even more significant damage can occur in the subflooring, and may go undetected if the top flooring doesn’t show signs of damage. Our team of flooring experts can work with you to identify the leak beneath the floor and repair or replace the floors as needed.


If you have a 2 story home, a leak in the first floor ceiling can indicate a problem in the plumbing in a second story bathroom, for example. If you have a one story or ranch home, a water spot in the ceiling can indicate a problem with your roofing or a problem with plumbing. No matter what type of home you live in, our team of contractors can help identify the cause of your water damage and get it repaired quickly.

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Prevent Further Water Flow

If you know where your water main is located, prevent further damage by turning it off. If you don’t know the location of your water main, check your basement or water heater.

Turn On Air Conditioning Or Heat

Both are good for drying out the air. Dry air helps moisture evaporate. Beware – if there’s water in the air ducts, it will damage your heating and air conditioning systems.

Dry What You Can

Get any precious items away from moisture. Expose wet objects to dry air. Remove surface moisture wherever you can – open drawers and clear surfaces.

Raise Furniture

Use wood blocks to lift furniture off of the ground so it doesn’t sustain further damage. Keep the most integral parts above water if possible.

We love our insurance adjusters!

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