Keeping tile and grout clean can be a particularly tough challenge. Grout is highly absorbent and often installed in areas prone to liquid or food spills, like your bathroom and kitchen. If your grout has become dull or dark in color and you’re looking to get a fresh look in your tile, call Alamo Steam Team to schedule a tile and grout cleaning appointment!

Tile Cleaning

Tile has gained popularity because of it’s versatility, general durability, and because many think it is easy to clean. Professional tile service increases the longevity of your flooring and saves homeowners hours of back breaking work. The Alamo Steam Team uses aggressive soil loosening agents to lift the dirt and grime from tiles, and then powerful agitation and suction to completely clean your tile flooring.

After they are sparkling, we add a sealant to prolong the life of the tile and also add an additional layer of protection. This sealant protects from permanent stains as well as makes future treatment more effective.

Grout Cleaning

Due to its porous nature, grout is much more difficult to clean than tile. Plus, if you use household cleaning products that include bleach, you run the risk of breaking down any sealant that was originally used on the grout. This may lead to more stubborn and permanent stains in the future.

When cleaning your grout, Alamo Steam Team uses a specially mixed cleaning compound to loosen dirt, and then applies high pressure steam to blast dirt from the grout lines. Our unique process helps the original color of your grout shine through, and powers away dirt like no other cleaning company can.

Not all companies use an additional sealant. We know what a difference it makes and how it prolongs future cleanings, so it is included. Our clients rave about our tile and grout services because the results are phenomenal! If you’re in or around San Antonio, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Tips to Keep Tile and Grout Sparkling Between Cleanings

  • Avoid harsh agents (bleach) that can destroy the sealant
  • Clean spills up immediately
  • Always sweep or vacuum before mopping to remove dry dirt and particles
  • Remember to rinse after mopping: every time!
vacuum cleaning dirt from tile floor after falling flower pot

Get your Tile and Grout Cleaned Today!
Cleaning tile and grout on your own can be back-breaking labor and a large drain on your time. Leave the job to the professionals at Alamo Steam Team! We’ll get your tile and grout cleaned, and protect it from further stains in the future. Schedule your appointment today to get started!