carpet repair

Frayed fibers with fresh carpet. Many homeowners also choose to schedule repairs before they move out of a home – improving the state of the carpet to attract potential buyers. Regardless of your reasoning, Alamo Steam Team can help!

We Repair All Types of Carpeting

Whether your flooring issue is in the center of your room, in a corner or on a threshold (leading to a different surface such as a doorway into a tile floor) we can handle it for you. Sometimes, carpets sustain uneven wear in a well-used doorway leading outside or on a stairwell landing. Whether your problem was caused by a flood, a tough set-in stain, or overuse, our experts know how to cut out the damaged piece and replace it – including the padding underneath.

How Do We Repair Carpeting?

Carpet repair generally means that a piece will either need to be resewn and restretched or that carpet will need to be completely cut out and a different piece will replace it. If spare carpet is available, we will use these pieces first. If not, spare pieces can be cut from less-visible areas, like closets.

The problem area is cut out with a box cutter and both the visible carpet and the padding underneath (if need be) are replaced with a new piece of stain-free, spotless carpeting. Generally the new repair piece is replaced and glued or seamed in and there is no visible difference.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

Carpet repair is a job best left to a professional because carpets can need to be re-tacked or re-stretched before replacement. This task requires specialty equipment and training in order to ensure that pieces continue to lay flat and stretch out appropriately following use. A patch on a stairway is a particularly difficult task, because there is a risk for falling if the carpet patch is improperly installed.

Get Your Carpets Repaired Today!
You may have additional flooring repair questions, and we’re here to help. If you’re hoping for a professional finish, carpet repair is not a DIY job. If this type of repair work is looming on your horizon, schedule an appointment with us!